Scott Tech USA offers a variety of cold press expeller sizes, as well as other equipment involved in the oil-producing process; from dryers, seed conditioners, extruders, filter presses, and conveyors. We have small lab-sized expeller units with a pre-press material capacity of up to 44 lbs/hour and other presses up to 2,200 lbs/hour.

If you have a larger or smaller need, we also make custom units per your specifications. The expeller presses come standard in stainless steel, but if your oil requirements are not for the food or beauty industry, the units are also available in carbon steel at a lower cost.




Key Benefits of Scott Tech’s Soy Processing Line

    • Oil extraction rate is 12-16% on average.
    • Verifiable lab test with 44-46% protein output in the cake meal.
    • Scott Tech’s use of WEG or SEW helical gear motor designs are superior to belt-drive and pulley systems, such as:
      • Belt drives do not handle the stress of large loads and will experience frictional loss over extended periods of processing time compared to gear drives.
      • Gears can transmit a wide range of torque, while belts tend to slip at higher torque.
      • Power loss with helical gears is only 4-5%, while belt drives have approx. 10-15% power loss.
      • Belt drives have a lesser life and require more maintenance as compared to gear drives.
      • Belt drives are not as safe for your employees as gear drives.
    • No hammer mill required prior to extruding. You save money!
    • Larger extruders come with customized conveyor.
    • Larger expellers come with customized conveyor.
    • Our “Continuous Decanting System” eliminates the need for a filter press or additional filtrations systems. You save money!



Our Product Line

The expellers perform the cold pressing of materials through the extraction system

The extruder is used for the special preparation of soybeans through the use of high pressure and temperature.

The filter is designed to cleanse and clarify the oil after leaving the expeller.

Through grinding and crushing, the milling systems allow the processing of various raw materials.

Bucket elevators transport material between processes.

Used to dry or dehydrate raw material.

Material Transfer Conveyor

Designed to break hard shelled nuts.

Refines vegetable oils and resins.

Pulpers separate the pulp from the seeds.

Complete line setup for soybean processing.

Oil Containing Nuts & Seeds

Almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, cotton seeds, hemp seeds, grape seeds, prickly pear seeds, pumpkin seeds, Salicornia seeds, sea buckthorn berries, sunflower seeds, soybeans, tomato seeds, and watermelon seeds, to name a few.

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