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Complete processing lines are offered for the production of soybean bran and soybean oil by extrusion and pressing without boiler installation. These lines are composed of an extruder, automated conveyor with adjustable timed cooling and oil expeller.The extruder conditions the beans through pressure and temperature, inactivating non-nutritional properties as urease, making the product more suitable for better animal digestibility. Normally the production line reaches a urea ration up to 0.05. the extruded grains are directed by the conveyor to the press, which separates oil from the bran/cake. Equipment comes standard in carbon steel.*Optional Equipment: Filter, Mill, Buffer Tank, and Chemical Reactor.

Soybean Basic 60

Production Capacity: 60 kg/h
Engine Power 12,7 kW
Electricity Consumption: 9,5 kW/h
Used area (in meters): 6L x 4W
Extruder/Oil Expeller: C 60 / ERT 75

Soybean Basic 140

Production Capacity: 140 kg/h
Engine Power 26,2 kW
Electricity Consumption: 19,6 kW/h
Used area (in meters): 8L x 4W
Extruder/Oil Expeller: C 140 / ERT 100

Soybean Basic 350

Production Capacity: 350 kg/h
Engine Power 51,7 kW
Electricity Consumption: 38,7 kW/h
Used area (in meters): 10L x 5W
Extruder/Oil Expeller: C 350 / ERT 130

Soybean Basic 1000

Production Capacity: 1000 kg/h
Engine Power 115,1 kW
Electricity Consumption: 86,3 kW/h
Used area (in meters): 14L x 5W
Extruder/Oil Expeller: C 1000 / ERT 200

1 kg = 2.2lbs
*Average consumption, may vary according to raw material processed.