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The extruders prepare grains through the control of pressure and temperature, inactivating non-nutritional properties, such as urease (non-digestible enzyme), making the bran suitable for the production of animal feed without risks of indigestibility. In addition to the production of soybean meal (full fat), it also allows the preparation of pre-gelatinized maize.

C 60

Production Capacity: 132 lbs/h
Engine Power: 7.5 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 5,6 kW/h
Weight: 507.06 lbs.
Dimensions (ft): 4.92L x 1.96W x 5.25H

C 140

Production Capacity: 309 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 20 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 15 kW/h
Weight: 881.85 lbs
Dimensions (ft): 5.58L x 1.96W x 5.25H

C 350

Production Capacity: 772 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 40 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 30 kW/h
Weight: 1,499.14 lbs
Dimensions (ft): 6.56L x 2.95W x 5.25H

C 1000

Production Capacity: 2,204 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 92 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 69 kW/h
Weight: 3,306.93 lbs
Dimensions (ft): 8.2L x 3.28W x 5.58H

“Visual design is similar for all extruders.”
*Average consumption, may vary according to raw material processed.