Home Mills


The milling systems grind a variety of raw materials and process various products such as flours, leaves, seeds, wood, and others. All mills can be manufactured in food-grade stainless steel, or non-food grade carbon steel and operate on electricity.

Centrifugal Mills

The centrifugal mills are designed to grind, cool and standardize flour and cereals. They are supplied with a feeding table, cyclonic separator, discharge valve for the final product, and sieves with different granulometries. They include sleeve filters for the elimination of microparticles during the grinding process.

MM 22

Production Capacity: 220 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 2.2 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 1.6 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 5.25L x 3.94W x 9.84H
Weight: 551 lbs

MC 37

Production Capacity: 661 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 3.7 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 2.7 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 5.25L x 3.94W x 9.84H
Weight: 705 lbs

MC 56

Production Capacity: 1,102 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 5.6 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 4.2 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 5.91L x 3.94W x 10.83H
Weight: 882 lbs

Hammer Mills

The hammer mills are responsible for grinding grains in their natural state, such as almonds, nuts, pulps, and soy beans, among others. They have different sizes of sieves, for better standardization of the product which will be processed.

MM 22

Production Capacity: 441 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 2.2 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 1.6 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 3.61L x 1.97W x 4.92H
Weight: 176 lbs

MM 2000

Production Capacity: 4,409 lbs/hr
Engine Power: 40 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 30 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 6.89L x 3.61W x 6.56H
Weight: 2,866 lbs

Melangeur Mills

The melangeur mills are used for the production of chocolate (cocoa nibs), nut butters and pastes from almonds and other tree nuts, peanuts, sesame (tahine), among others. It grinds using two giant granite rollers crushing the raw material against a bottom slab. Production is carried out in batches, and the time period can vary according to the raw material being processed.

Melangeur 1

Production Capacity: 11 lbs/batch
Engine Power: .75 kW
Electricity Consumption*: .5 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 1.64L x 1.64W x 1.64H
Weight: 110 lbs

Melangeur 2

Production Capacity: 44 lbs/batch
Engine Power: 1.5 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 1.1 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 1.97L x 1.97W x 2.3H
Weight: 199 lbs

Melangeur 3

Production Capacity: 110 lbs/batch
Engine Power: 2.2 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 1.6 kW/h
Dimensions (ft): 2.3L x 2.3W x 2.95H
Weight: 287 lbs

*Average consumption, may vary according to raw material processed.