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All over the world, plants are naturally producing seeds, or fruits with seeds within.  For thousands of years societies have been using many of these nuts and seeds for food and medicine.  More recently, nuts and seeds have become popular ingredient for the industrial manufacturing sector, providing fuel, lubricants, paints and other various items and uses. As technology advances and the demand for biodegradable products increases, plants have begun to play an increasingly popular role.

The processing methods for extracting and retrieving these useful oils and the cakemeal by-products of plants varies and partly depends on the desired end results from the processor or company.  Cold-pressed oil expelling for plant nuts and seeds has been the industry standard for anyone wanting to avoid processing oils without chemicals.  The phrase “cold-pressed” is also used as a key marketing and advertising advantage because cold-pressing has been proven to provide minimally unadulterated oils and cakemeals.  Cold-pressed oils and cakemeals are typically more nutritious because the main beneficial components are left intact.

Biofuels and biofuel research have gained immense popularity due to rising fuel prices. The search for alternative sources has led researchers to some very unlikely plants. From the more common biofuel sources of soybeans, sunflower seeds, canola (rapeseed) and cottonseed to the more obscure plants like jathropha, penny grass, switch grass, and Salicornia. Scott Tech equipment can process all of these products.

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