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Three products from one source!

The most popular and healthiest form of hemp seed oil, hemp flour, and hemp protein, is from cold-press expellers. Cold-pressing helps preserve the vital nutrients to the end product without the use of solvents or other refining processes.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is a nutritional powerhouse and contains 85% of essential fatty acids (EFA) in an optimal balance of 1:3 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The EFA profile is closest to that required by the human body. Globulin edistins found in hemp seeds are almost identical to human blood and they have the enzymes necessary for metabolic activity while neutralizing alien microorganisms and toxins. This flavorful and nutty tasting oil can be used in a wide range of recipes like sauces, dips, spreads, salad dressings, or taken straight from the spoon for its nutritional benefits. To improve the shelf-life and optimal potency of the oil, store in the refrigerator.

Hemp Protein

Hemp produces an excellent source protein, is easy to digest and is gluten-free. It is gaining in popularity as a plant-based protein among the rising number of vegetarians and vegans throughout the world. Approximately two tablespoons of hemp protein contain the following:
90 calories
15 grams of protein
8 grams of dietary fiber
40% of daily value of iron.
Optimal balance of 1:3 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
Contains other essential nutrients like vitamin e, magnesium and zinc.

Hemp Flour

Hemp four is gluten-free and has a nutty flavor. A variety of batters and mixes for pancakes, muffins, cookies, granola bars, etc. can all be made from hemp flour. Some people have found that hemp flour mixes well with the attributes of other gluten-free flours for baking. The items baked should have an internal temperature below 325 degrees to maintain the nutritional benefits of the hemp; not the oven temperature.

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