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The oil expeller presses are designed for the separation of oil and cake (by-product) by cold pressing without added heat or use of solvents. This process occurs through the extraction sleeve or cage, a component that guarantees greater efficiency and performance than the typical cold press screws, which replaces the traditional bar cage used in this type of extraction process.

Our expellers come standard with top quality WEG or SEW helix gear motor drives, stainless steel parts that come into direct contact with the product/material, and powder coating. In addition to the ease of operation and quick cleaning process, the oil expeller presses have several features that allow greater safety and control of the production process, such as a safety quick stop button and reverse screw rotation switch.

Several options and upgrades include: motorized paddle agitator at feed hopper, control panel to accommodate the agitator, control panel with rotational control allowing fine tuning for temperature reduction for continuous run times, and spare parts.

Oil Producing Nuts & Seeds

Almonds, macadamia nuts pecans, pistachios, walnuts, canola/rapeseeds, castor beans, citrus seeds (various), cotton seeds, grape seeds, hemp seeds, linseed/flax seed, prickly pear seeds, pumpkin seeds, safflower, salicornia seeds, sea buckthorn berries, soybeans, sunflower seeds, tomato seeds, and watermelon seeds, to name a few.

Others Nuts & Seeds From Central & South America:
Andiroba, babassu, baru, Brazil nut, coconut, coffee beans, jatropha curcas, murumuru, pracaxi, macauba, cupuassu, bacuri, buriti, cumaru, cocoa, patawa, sacha inchi, ucuuba, and several others.

*The raw material feed capacities are approximate and may vary according to the raw material used.

ERT 60

Production Capacity 110 lbs +/- Hr.
Engine Power: 2.2 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 1.6 kW/h
Weight: 352 lbx 11.83 oz
Dimensions (ft): 3.94L x 1.97W x 4.92H

ERT 75

Production Capacity 198 lbs +/- Hr.
Engine Power: 4.5 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 3.5 kW/h
Weight: 462 lbs 15.53 oz
Dimensions (ft): 5.25L x 2.3W x 5.25H

ERT 100

Production Capacity: 396 lbs +/- Hr.
Engine Power: 5.5kW
Electricity Consumption*: 4.5 kW/h
Weight: 1,058 lbs 3.5 oz
Dimensions (ft): 5.58L x 2.95W x 5.91H

ERT 130

Production Capacity: 771 lbs +/-
Engine Power: 11 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 9 kW/h
Weight: 1,719 lbs 9.69 oz
Dimensions (ft): 6.56L x 2.95W x 6.56H

ERT 200

Production Capacity: 2,204 lbs +/- Hr.
Engine Power: 22 kW
Electricity Consumption*: 22 kW/h
Weight: 6,613 lbs 13.89 oz
Dimensions (ft): 8.86L x 3.61W x 6.56H