Who We Are


Scott Tech was established in 2004 by Jose Guilherme Scott, an engineer in Sao Paulo Brazil with a passion for working with farmers and the vast variety of available nut and seed crops of the region. He designed his equipment with the environment and worker safety in mind. PBT Distributors, Inc. has partnered with Scott Tech and has formed Scott Tech USA for North America and the common crop products in the US and Canada.


Respecting The Environment


No Harsh Chemicals… ever. Cold-pressing with the use of a screw type expeller is as environmentally friendly and easy to operate as you get. In addition, the added benefits from this method to both the oil, and the remaining byproduct or cake, are healthier and of greater value in the eyes of the public. There may even be fewer local governmental restrictions on a business using cold-press expellers due to the nature of the process; check with your local governing entities.


We Fit Your Need


Scott Tech USA offers a variety of expeller sizes, as well as other equipment involved in the oil-producing process; from dryers, seed conditioners, extruders, filter presses, conveyors, to steam distillation equipment. We have small lab-sized expeller units with a pre-press material capacity of up to 44 lbs/hour and up to 2,200 lbs/hr. If you have a larger or smaller need, we also make custom units per your specifications. If your oil requirements are for the food or beauty industry, the units are also available in stainless steel.


Far-Reaching Industries & Uses


In food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and industrial applications, oils and extracts play a crucial role. These include oils from common nut trees, ground nuts, and seeds, such as oils from almonds, walnuts, grape seeds, cotton seeds, soybeans, and sunflower seeds, to the lesser known hemp seeds, prickly pear seeds, and tomato seeds.

Humanitarian Work

Scott Tech has equipment in countries all over the world, including collaborations with the United Nations.

We are Prout of our work on a humanitarian level by helping small private organizations implement expelling businesses, which helps to empower and assist in generating income and employment for members and local people.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you help others.